The quality of the work and craftsmanship in my view is unsurpassed…

Building a “Forever” home is one of the most important things a family will do. In many cases, it’s a lifetime of dreams and wishes. Corey, Caterina, and the wonderful team that makes up Cortina Crafted Homes get that….. From our very first meeting with Corey and Cathy, we felt they were the right Company in which to place our trust.

For them, each home is personal. Each client becomes family in a way. It was so refreshing to work with this group. From the beginning of our project, Corey and his wonderful team of trades- Claude, Brad, Frank, and Tim to name but a few, made us feel inclusive in the project. We were always encouraged to visit the worksite, and welcomed whenever we visited! The team were proud and eager to show us the progress of our home every step of the way. Corey picked up my call immediately any time I had a question for him…. THAT certainly doesn’t happen with everyone you meet! Even after almost 2 years of our home being finished, he STILL picks up for me!

The quality of the work and craftsmanship in my view is unsurpassed. No other home I visit has the same attention to detail that a Cortina Crafted Home has, and his workmanship is instantly recognizable.

Our project took place during the horrible floods Calgary witnessed in the summer of 2013, AND was completed only 1 week late!

What a TEAM!

Lorilee and John C

Corey and Cathy were an absolute pleasure to work with through the entire process…

We can’t imagine having built our dream house with anyone else and recommend Cortina every chance we get. Corey and Cathy were an absolute pleasure to work with through the entire process. Corey was always available to discuss the smallest of items and his attention to detail is second to none. Importantly, Corey concentrates on making sure the structure of your house is rock solid and we certainly have confidence that our house will stand the test of time.

It became quite obvious early on in the process that Cortina has an excellent relationship with all of the sub-contractors who worked on our house. It was great working with this group of talented trades people who truly cared about the quality of their work. Corey and the trades provided a number of smart recommendations throughout the build process on how to make our house better. Having lived in our house for six months now, we are very thankful for a number of these recommendations which have enhanced how we use our house every day.

Building a house in an established community can negatively impact your future neighbours to be. Corey did an excellent job keeping the work site and surrounding area clean and did his best to minimize the impact on our neighbours. Over the past months, a number of our neighbours have approached us to complement our builder who ‘clearly cared about the job he was doing’.

Since we have moved into our house, a few minor issues have come up. Corey has been very responsive to get all of these issues resolved quickly coordinating all of the details with the relevant trades. It’s a good feeling knowing that your builder stands behind his product and will continue to support you going forward.

We would absolutely build with Cortina again and truly believe it was a unique experience compared with most build processes we hear about.

Phil and Lyndsey K

“We can’t say enough about Cortina Crafted Homes and would build with them again without hesitation.”

Thanks to Corey Martin and his entire team for our lovely new home. From beginning to end it was a smooth and enjoyable process. Corey brings a work ethic and attention to detail that is very rare. His integrity and insistence on the highest quality from himself and his team of craftsmen is obvious in the product. Corey is respected by all who contribute to the build including, but not limited to architects, trades, interior designers and landscape artists. High standards and excellent work are the byproduct of all those relationships that Corey has built. Corey and Cathy shared many ideas and made numerous suggestions that we are grateful for. All of them made our home that much more beautiful and practical at the same time. There is no such thing as cutting corners with Cortina. Corey was at our home almost every single day throughout the build and over a year later, if we have questions, or need a contact for something, Corey calls us back the same day and often picks up the call if he can. Cathy is an integral part of the company. She is extremely diligent in the management of finances and tracking costs. They both approach their projects as though they are building for their own family. We can’t say enough about Cortina Crafted Homes and would build with them again without hesitation.

Todd & Debbie

“Corey and his craftsmen…took obvious pride in making sure every single detail was perfect and special”

Cortina Crafted Homes was recommended to me by friends who were delighted with their large renovation. We were building our first house and had heard many horror stories of all the things that can go wrong between builders and clients but, when we chose to work with Corey and Cathy, our fears were quickly erased and we found the entire experience to be a true delight. Corey and his craftsmen have an exceptional work ethic and took obvious pride in making sure every single detail was perfect and special. Visitors to our house continually remark on the exceptional quality of finishing and having watched every stage of the process, my husband is satisfied that our house is as solid as a rock.
I enjoyed working collaboratively with Corey and his team; they made fantastic suggestions that enhanced the original design. Corey did an excellent job of managing costs and we were given good information to make informed decisions when we chose to make changes to the original budget. A good example of this was when it came time to insulate the house. My husband wanted our house to be as energy efficient as possible so Corey researched all insulation products and costs and helped us choose which insulation methods would give us the most value. Now that we’re into our second winter in our home, I’m still amazed at how low our gas bills are. Cathy is another wonderful member of Corey’s team: she managed the financial information beautifully and we liked the way we could easily see every cost that had been incurred. We moved into our home in 2010 and the novelty of living in this wonderful creation still hasn’t worn off. I continue to recommend Cortina Crafted Homes to anyone who will listen.

Lynne & Wayne

“Working with Cortina Crafted Homes was a completely positive experience.”

This was as a result of the Corey’s attention to detail and meticulous nature along with his excellent communication and organizational skills. We had confidence during the whole process, not only in Corey but in the expertise and quality of workmanship of all the crew that Corey brought to the project. It turned into a very collaborative project with everyone contributing ideas and suggestions that made our project a success. Many thanks to Cortina Crafted Homes and all who worked on the renovation of our home.

Dave & Joan

“We continue to highly recommend Cortina…”

“We continue to highly recommend Cortina to the many people who admire our home, which was built in 2007. Corey is attentive to the quality and detail required to build a custom home and expects the same of the team of trades people that he uses repeatedly on his projects. We found Corey and Cathy to be easy to work with and the pride they take in their work is evident throughout our home. Along with their expanded team of design and trade professionals, their contributions to our project started at the design phase. As we moved through construction, Corey and his team made numerous suggestions to improve and advance the entire project. Our home was on time and completely finished by move-in day. Corey also was attentive to the few adjustments required once we were in the house. Thanks for your professionalism Corey and Cathy.”

Kevin & Lisa